Hero Game Dice Roller v1.0

Number of Whole Dice:

How To Use:

Enter the number of dice you want to roll and how many times you want to roll those dice.

If you need a Half Die select Yes.
If you have a +1 or -1 to the roll, select the appropriate choice.

You can select the different kinds of print out.

  • Total (NStun) is always selected and this is the total of the dice.
  • Body will give the Body Result from the dice.
  • Each Die will list each die separately (good for explosions or anything else that needs to see the individual dice).
  • Half Die Results is really only good if you have selected Half Die.
  • Plus/Minus Results is really only good if you have selected either a plus or minus.
  • Total Statistics will give the total number of times Total(NStun) appears as well as the percent
  • Each Die Statistics is the same as above but for the individual dice.

* The two statistics were placed for a quick reference to see if the random seed was working. I liked it so I kept it as an option to print.

To Print: Either print the actual page or select the numbers and place them in your favorite word processor or spreadsheet program.

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How Many Rolls
Half Die?
Yes No
Plus 1
Minus 1?
Which Do You Want Printed Out? Total (NStun) (Always Shown)
Each Die (Good For Explosions)
Half Die Results
Plus/Minus Results
Total Statistics
Each Die Statistics