Hero Helper v2.22

Software for the Hero Games gaming system

The Perfect Program for GM's
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Hero Helper is a godsend for GM who runs any Hero Game's Role Playing Game (like Champions or Fantasy Hero).

It helps keep track of Phases, Rolls Dice, Organizes Files, and even helps you create a NPC on the spot.

It can also import your characters created in Hero Design so you don't have to enter them in by hand.

Below are just a few features that Hero Helper has to offer. Download the Demo and take a look for yourself.

Dice Roller

Roll up to 99 dice 99 times quickly and easily.

You can also save commonly used dice configurations for double-clicking ease.

There is also a mini-Dice Roller window for those who need just the dice rolling feature.

Phase Tracker

Painlessly keep track of complicated combat situations.

Timed Reminders, Automatic Recoveries, Double-Click ease and a powerful control panel are just some of the features included.

You can also save combats for later use, if you have multiple GM's or for those 'What If...' scenerios.

Name Maker

What's in a name? Well, you'll find out in Name Maker. Make names for Characters, Magic Items, Space Aliens, or anything else you can imagine.

And all of the name files can be customized to reflect your gaming style.

So, go ahead, Name Away.


Need a story idea? How about just a simple sub-plot? Or a quick NPC to spice up your game?

Inspiration has it all. And if that isn't enough, you can customize the files to reflect your taste in games.

Excellent tool to get the old imagination going.

Game Manager

And what gaming tool would be without a Game Manager to help with all of your files.

Quickly look up Character Sheets exported from Hero Designer or gaming notes made during the game.

Do you run multiple games with multiple GMs? Then you absolutely need Game Manager.