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101 Uses For UNO E-Book

101 Pieces To A Complete Lesson Plan

UNO is no longer just a game
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101 Uses for UNO takes the popular card game UNO and shows how to make useful ESL classroom activities.

And not just "Kids" activities or number exercises (although there are some).
101 Uses for UNO has lesson ideas for all levels of abilities and class sizes.

And you don't have a set of UNO cards, you say. There is a section on how to use a regular deck of cards .

101 Uses for UNO Category List

            1. Classroom Management - Warm Up
            2. Classroom Management - Who Goes First
            3. Classroom Management - Which Order
            4. Drilling
            5. Teaching Numbers
            6. Addtion/Subtraction
            7. Vocabulary
            8. Statements/Questions
            9. Conversation
            10. Misc. Ideas

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